Together with its offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Nairobi, the 3T Grup Sağlık Savunma İhtiyaç Maddeleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., headquartered in Istanbul, has made it its duty to contribute to the increase in Türkiye’s exports and make a difference worldwide through its innovative works on the international platform, and benefit humanity.

Having started its activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2008, our company maintains its operations and projects without slowing down with the aim of developing foreign trade, international investments and services of the Turkish private sector. Continuing to invest in African countries, especially in the Balkan countries, 3T Group has primarily operated in the healthcare sector by supplying medical products and medical devices. It has improved its work through new projects in the energy and electricity sector in the last three years.

Miguel de Cervantes once said: “The beginning of health lies in knowing the disease“. Setting out on the journey with this quote, 3T Group has determined its vision to understand the needs of its customer correctly and to reach the right solution throughout its period of activity and has always aimed to grow together with its expert team.

Following the improvement of healthcare services in Türkiye and around the world and adopting methods and practices in international standards, 3T Group offers its customers a wide range of projects and studies in the healthcare sector in terms of hospital projects, public tenders, health conferences, laboratory tests, and so on.

Clean energy studies are increasing and international companies are developing their projects to beautify the future all around the world. Adopting that environmental energy is now a mandatory part of our lives, our company maintains its activities in the field of environmental energy through sustainable investment policies and projects created. Brought about by our team to Türkiye and the world as a result of long-term studies, our Electric Buses of Turkish origin have taken their place on the streets of Serbia.

This project aims to eliminate exhaust gas, ensure environmental cleanliness and order, save fuel, and expand low-cost public transportation. As the targeted success has been achieved on the streets through 3 buses for now, the plan is to operate 20 more buses in the same way until the end of 2022. Infrastructure activities for mass production have also been organized within the scope of our planning so as to create employment for 200 people in 2023.

One of the innovations that will change the world is the projects that emerged as a result of the strategy of growing green. Countries have accelerated the transition to renewable energy in order to avoid the damage caused by fossil resources to the environment. In this direction, many studies are conducted on the production of heat and electricity from solar energy and its use has been increasing over the years. The fact that it is a clean energy source and its operation brings low cost makes solar energy more significant. Our company has started to make investments through the analyzes it has made in this field. Not emitting any gas or waste during the conversion of solar energy, nature-friendly solar panels are put into operation by our company.

Through our non-stop working team, the projects we have developed, and the investments we have made in various fields, we aim to increase our success in the fields in which we operate, as it has been so until today.

Abdülhamit Yıldırım

3T Group Founder