The Heart Of Innovation And Technology In The US: California

We know that Turkey and California have an established strong economic relation.

California is the heart of technology and innovation in the US. And Turkey and California harbor lots of opportunities across the business circles. Turkey has a dynamic, young, and experienced labor force in technology with high potential. California, on the other hand, is one of the pioneering regions to popularise new technologies and to create know-how. We know that about one-third of VC investments in the US are made in Silicon Valley. Major companies significantly contribute to developing innovation. As Facebook, we continue to our investments in leading areas such AR/VR, security, and privacy without slowing down.

We know that Turkey and California have an established and strong economic relation. We believe that carrying this relation further will benefit both sides greatly. The state’s economic outlook and economic relations with Turkey give us three sectors that carry great potential: raw material export, technology investments, and media content. Turkey also has the potential to harbour many companies that can attract international investment in gaming, financial technology, and e-commerce.

As the TAİK California State Working Group, we aim to contribute to developing more business opportunities and the economic relations between these actors.

Chairperson of TAİK California State Committee and Country Director of Facebook Turkey Derya Matraş

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