The Presidential Circular on the Green Deal Action Plan has been published in the Official Gazette of 16.07.2021

The “Green Deal Action Plan” that aims at providing the adaptation of our country to the policies of fighting climate change, which has gained significance in recent years in the international trade order, and has a nature of a road map that will strengthen our competitive power in export has been published.

The purpose of the Green Deal Action Plan is to support the transition of our country to a sustainable and resource-efficient economy in line with the development goals against the change and transformation that took place in the international trade and economy.

To this end, the objective is to preserve and improve our competitiveness in export, the driving force of our economy, and that the Action Plan contributes to the deepening of the integration that our country realized with the EU through the Customs Union. Prepared with the leadership of our Ministry and in collaboration with the public institutions and organisations, and private sector for the purpose of promptly adapting to the transformation in this field, especially the comprehensive changes set forth through the European Green Deal announced by our most significant trade partner EU and turning the risks we will be faced with to opportunities, the Action Plan consists of 32 objectives and 81 actions under 9 headlines. The Action Plan is also of considerable importance in terms of reinforcing the integration of our country into the global supply chains and attracting green investments to our country.