The Fundamental Factor Of a Healthy And Sustainable Development: Technical ConsultancyServices

FCIC was founded in Istanbul under the patronage of Islamic Development Bank in 1986 with the participation of nearly 20 countries that are members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation hosted by Turkey.

Especially for the developing countries, technical consultancy service stands out as a fundamental factor for a healthy and sustainable infrastructure and development based on the natural sources, national values and cultural heritage of these nations.

FCIC’s activities and goals with regard to the technical consultancy service has a direct effect on the economical, social, cultural, health, urban, and environmental areas. Since its foundation, FCIC has focused on the development and improvement of the technical consultancy profession in Islamic countries.

FCIC is an organization representing nearly 100 technical consultancy firms from 26 countries that play a leading role in their own countries. Member firms have the experience and capabilities in terms of providing all technical consultancy services necessary for different projects. FCIC members have split into 10 regions that set forth the linguistic and geographical relations of the OIC member countries as much as possible, and each region in the Execution Committee is represented by one member.

The main goals FCIC focuses on can be summarized as follows:

– Providing assistance for the development of technical consultancy services in the Islamic countries, encouraging various disciplines in the profession to gain a high level of qualification and competence, and strengthening the cooperation between the firms under this profession,

– Informing its members in terms of the technical consultancy missions or participation opportunities to various projects and programs financed by the international development organisations and especially IsDB,

– Providing the information and necessary data in respect of the existing technical consultants and

development projects and financial resources of the Islamic World,

– Development and protection of the code and standards of professional ethics,

– Organizing, encouraging, and facilitating the conduct of the studies with regard to the common professional problems.

Within the scope of the protocol signed by FCIC and DEİK-UTM, the international capacity development programs, workshops, and cooperation organizations on technical consultancy are organized.


Levent Gelgin   /      President of The Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC)

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