We believe that a sustainable world is attainable through the steps we will take from this instance

As Arçelik, we are operating in nearly 150 countries with more than 30 thousand personnel, 22 production facilities, 1,700 R&D employees, 20 R&D and Design Centres, and 12 brands. We are a brand that pioneers in the field of sustainability in line with our vision “Respects the Globe, Respected Globally”. As is known, the whole world is in a great struggle against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) threat. The extraordinary period we have been experiencing has once again demonstrated the vital importance of sustainability. The pandemic was one of the least considered scenarios in our business continuity plans, yet it shook the entire industry deeply. Even though the uncertainty caused by the conditions of the pandemic still continues, as Arçelik, we are carrying out our plans while considering all of the scenarios. While the combat against COVID-19 continues, the increase in the world population, energy consumption, environmental pollution, social ruptures, natural disasters that are the inevitable consequences of global warming caused by climate change and the negative transformation in nature threaten our future. At this point, “sustainability” comes into play in order for living in a better world, and companies have a great responsibility in this regard.


As a company that has managed to be carbon neutral in global production, we are working hard to further improve our environmental sustainability performance. With the awareness of our responsibility to society and the environment, we focus on sustainable development, creating value for people, and protecting nature in our activities. The climate crisis, diminishing natural resources, environmental pollution, threatened biodiversity, and inequalities in society pose risks to our future. We believe that a sustainable world is attainable through the steps we will take from this instance. In order to leave a more liveable planet for future generations, we aim to be a part of the solution in the combat against the social and environmental problems. By proving our leadership in the field of sustainability in global indices, we have become the “Industry Leader” in the Durable Home Appliances Category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the 2nd time. In addition, we have maintained this success by continuing to be the first and the only Turkish industrial company to be listed in the Emerging Markets category of the Dow Jones  Sustainability Index for four years in a row. We were among the top companies in the “Global 100 Sustainable Corporations in the World” list that has been published by Corporate Knights, a Canada-based media and research company working on sustainability, since 2005. We have become the first and the only Turkish company on the list by being selected as the world’s most sustainable white goods and home appliances company.


We have been making a difference through innovative domestic technologies for 65 years with the Arçelik brand. At the beginning of 2021, we have embarked on an entirely new brand journey, and in the path of our new benefit-oriented brand, we have transformed our slogan “Designs innovation with love” as “Designs the good with love”. In our new brand journey, our focus is on accountable production and consumption. We aim to develop sustainable products, technologies,services, and projects, and to raise awareness in this regard. We believe that we can join hands and heal the world together in line with the accountable production and responsible consumption understanding of our Arçelik brand that has been designing innovation with love for years. With our leading household appliances brand in Europe, Beko, we have been working on reducing our carbon footprint by taking one step at a time so that future generations can live in a healthier world.

We have experienced extraordinary days as a country due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the whole world, and this challenging process still continues. As Ar.elik, we have continued to follow the pandemic-related process closely and taken precautions while continuing our works in line with our goals. While leading our industry in every field during this worrisomeperiod, we have also acted with the awarenessof our responsibilities.


Under the leadership of the T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology, and the Ministry of Health, we have performed the mass production of the first domestic and national mechanical ventilators in cooperation with Biosys, Aselsan, and Baykar. We have completed the production of 5 thousand ventilators at Arçelik Çerezköy Electronics.

Plant. The devices produced have become a hope for patients not only in Turkey but also for the ones all over the world. Through the guidance of the ministries, we have sent ventilators to 20 countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Somalia, Chad, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Syria, Libya, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. By participating in the “Open Ventilator System Initiative” formation in the UK with our Defy and Beko UK companies, we have also taken part in the global arena in the development of the ventilator that the whole world needs. These were important steps for future activities to be performed in different countries.


We have carried the campaign of product donation to hospitals that we have started in Turkey to more than 20 countries, including England, Italy, France, Germany, Romania, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, and we have donated white goods and small home appliances to more than 500 hospitals by creating lists of needs in these countries.

In addition, we have launched Solar Hybrid refrigerators and freezers using solar energy to minimize electricity consumption with our Defy brand. The products that have been designed with the climatic conditions of Africa in mind are able to reduce energy costs by up to 44% and freeze and store food for up to 49 hours with durable-cooling technology when there is no power. The products run directly from the energy from the solar panels during the day when the sun is out and turn to the power gridat dusk. In order to help save electricity costs, the Solar Hybrid series provides an embedded smart electronic solution that aims to bring this innovative technology to the wider market at an affordable price. It also makes it easier for more people to live a greener life by increasing the use of sustainable solar energy.