As Çalık Group, we operate in the energy, construction, mining, finance, textile, telecom, and digital fields in 31 countries around the world, including Central Asia, the Balkans, the Middle East and Africa, and employ more than 15 thousand people.

Within the framework of our ongoing activities in various regions of the world, we are known for our reputation, reliability, strong financial structure, and long-term cooperation with international companies, and we progress by providing sustainable growth in the business areas in which we operate by developing innovative business models.

We have always positioned sustainability as one of our most important corporate values, with the sense of responsibility given to us by our principle of creating solutions that will add value to human life since the day we were founded.

We create solutions that add value to human life in areas we operate with our skills and energy and make it our mission to contribute to the welfare.We have the power to develop international projects, offer innovative solutions and aim to create world brands. We have been carrying out investments and projects abroad since the 1990s. Africa is among the regions that we have determined as our strategic target in the upcoming period, as it has been so far. We plan to maintain the synergy we have achieved through the projects that we have successfully completed in the region and to focus on contributing more to Africa with new projects that we will implement with our companies in the energy, finance, construction, mining, and textile sectors. Since its establishment in 1998, our Çalık Enerji company has been among the leading energy companies around the world with the successful projects it has carried out in a vast geography, encompassing the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and the Balkans. Focusing on three areas, namely EPC, renewable energy investments, and distribution, it makes significant investments in both national and international markets.

The African continent, where Senegal carries out various energy projects, including the construction of the largest combined cycle power plant, is among the priority regions where .alık Enerji wishes to expand itself even further. It prioritizes the energy production and distribution opportunities in Sub-saharan Africa, while also attending the tender and bidding processes here.

Our company in the finance sector, Aktif Bank, Türkiye’s largest privately-owned investment bank, provides services through its innovative business model in corporate and international banking, with a network of more than a thousand banks in Africa, the Balkans, the Commonwealth of the Independent States, the Middle East, and South Asia. Aktif Bank is currently collaborating with over 330 banks in 48 countries in Africa. With the support of Aktif Bank in Africa, an emerging market, Turkish businesspeople can now conclude their business processes more quickly.

Our Group makes its presence felt through its competitive and high-standard activities in the mining sector. Our Lidya Mining company, established for the exploration and processing of precious metals, especially gold and copper, continues its project evaluation activities in the African continent while aiming to be the most valuable mining company in Eurasia by maintaining its activities at competitive and high standards in Türkiye and the region.

Our GAP İnşaat company, one of the successful representatives of the Turkish contracting sector around the world, maintains its job development activities in Africa with the international experience and knowledge it has gained in various areas such as infrastructures, superstructures and industrial facilities, hospitals, ports, and so on.

Our Gap Pazarlama company has a wide range of products with its strong supply network in Central and East Asia and Africa. Supplying various product groups through this contracted supply network and offering them to its customers, Gap Pazarlama offers its products to globally prominent retailers and brands. The core principle we consider as our guide while investing is to add value to people’s lives. We operate in line with this principle both in our own country and other geographies. We believe that it is not possible to render success sustainable in any business that does not add value to human life. In line with this approach, we are working with companies that have the same sensitivity as us.

During our activities, we are showing respect for the culture and values of the country we operate in, as well as contributing to the promotion of our own country’s reputation. We use universal knowledge and the latest technology, but we do business in harmony with the local culture. We attach importance to developing emotional bonds with communities. Due to this approach, we have a multinational human resource under Çalık Holding and we are very proud of this diversity.

We are working wholeheartedly and with all our might to contribute to the Turkish economy and the economies of other countries. We believe that we represent not only our group but also our country and have significant responsibilities in this regard when we operate abroad.