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Africa Discovers The Power Of The Turkish Business World

The project development and cooperation efforts of Turkish businesspeople, initiated in Sub-saharan Africa in the 2010s, have started to yield results. In this context, business opportunities continue to significantly increase on this continent consisting of 54 countries, which is larger than the sum of Europe, China and United States America in terms of its surface area, with a population expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2050.

The visibility of Türkiye is increasing rapidly in all fields, including infrastructure and superstructure projects where quick and high-quality works are handed over with competitive prices by making maximum use of the local resources in the field of overseas contracting, as well as procurement of a wide range of products and equipment in all spheres of business. African clients have discovered the Turkish business world after China,France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Brazil, and the United States in all relevant fields including the defense industry, agriculture, fishery, textile, mining, power generation, port, and airport management based on the Build-Operate-Transfer model or procurement via the tendering method.

The events organized by the DEİK and the TABEF, as well as the ones organized by the sectoral business councils, have crucial importance in Türkiye. The current progress of the manufacturing industry in Türkiye is vital, and particularly the transfer of the organized industrial zones model to the African countries and the establishment of this know-how to the relevant countries through SMEs is essential to achieve an organic sustainable partnership. Based on this awareness, the public authorities in Türkiye have already offered a wide range of incentives and support packages to entrepreneurs.

We are currently maintaining our efforts to undertake new airport projects in addition to Senegal and Niger airports, which we have recently implemented based on the Build-Operate-Transfer model. We have recently added Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau to these initiatives.

We foresee a great future in Africa and continue all our operations in line with this projection, and we also share various opportunities with the other major Turkish companies undertaking or intending to undertake business projects in the areas where we have been already operating as we advance in this direction.

We will continue to keep our commitments by increasing our concentration on the sub-Saharan African countries in the upcoming period, and we, as SUMMA, will continue to do our best to be worthy of the interest and trust demonstrated in us by preserving our leadership position in the field of international contracting and diversifying our business investments.

Summa Turizm Yatırımcılığı A.Ş. Chairman of the Board  Selim Bora

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