By the time you will be reading this new issue, we will be entering both a new year and a new century: 2023 is the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye… Most of the states around the world, whose number exceeds two hundred, have not yet reached the age of 100. The history of the Turkic States in these lands and in Central Asia reaches thousands of years. In fact, our perception of ‘time’ has changed a lot as a result of the speed of technological developments and the shortening of the folding time of the information produced. On the other hand, the intervening global pandemic almost wiped out two years of our lives. In our conversations, we often make two-year mistakes when calculating the year.

Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, made significant statements and evaluations in this issue of our Business Diplomacy journal, where we leaned upon the topic of energy. Mustafa Yılmaz, Head of EMRA, one of the leading institutions affecting the energy sector, was also featured on our pages. We made our cover interview with Burhan Özcan, General Manager of BOTAŞ. In addi- tion, our evaluations with valuable businesspeople and scholars consisted of opinions on significant issues such as critical steps to be taken in energy activities and the secrets of being successful in business life.

Besides renewable energy, nuclear energy, and hydrocar- bon-based energy, I also want to mention human energy. Unfortunately, human energy is spent in a careless and over-generous manner in workplaces, bureaucracy, ac- ademia, traffic, and many other places. Considering all types of energy, I think that the most valuable one is human energy. Hoping for a world where all energy resources will be consumed in an efficient, healthy, and fair manner.

Enjoy your reading.

Kemal Kaptaner / Chief Editor