The Plant Will Meet The Electricity Needs Of 150 Thousand Households

Operating in the field of wind energy generation in Türkiye, Mogan Holding, a subsidiary of Güriş, has commissioned the Ulu Wind Power Plant, consisting of 29 Enercon turbines, at full capacity in Inegöl and Keles districts of Bursa.

Saying that Türkiye is a rich country in terms of wind energy, Ali Karaduman, CEO of Mogan Holding, stated that they maintain their investments in wind energy as a company and said, “We have commissioned our power plant, which consists of 29 turbines, at full capacity. Our aim is to con- tribute to the country’s economy by converting wind energy into electrical energy.”


Mogan Holding maintains its activities in this direction, considering that it is possible to reduce the dependence of Türkiye on foreign energy and carbon emissions through re- newable energy plants. Operating with 29 Enercon turbines (2 x 3.5 MW E-138 EP3 and 27 x 4.2 MW E-138 EP3 E2), Ulu Wind Power Plant is designed to produce high power in low and medium power wind regimes with Enercon turbines with a tower height of 111 meters and a blade diameter of 138 meters. The power plant will produce 353,000,000 kWh of electricity annually and will meet the annual electricity needs of 150 thousand households.

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