Striving to offer the best service through many brands and product types in the field of technological hardware prod- ucts, Barem Building Materials has been maintaining its ac- tivities since 2000, when it was founded with its expert staff.

Employing an understanding that focuses on quality, Barem Building Materials widens its product portfolio day by day and offers its new projects and products to the demand and appreciation of its customers. Producing innovative solu- tions by following the technology closely, Barem Building Materials aims to become the leader in the industry through constant renewal and development of itself without giving up on the principles of quality and trust.

At its headquarters in Istanbul, Eminönü – Karaköy, the company sells thousands of products in the categories of chemical products, occupational safety, technical hard- ware, hardware, decoration materials, furniture accessories, construction materials, and hand tools, as well as offer- ing delivery services through shuttle vehicles that are on the road in Istanbul during the day. Safely producing the price-performance product range required by the building and construction industry, Barem Building Materials cares about reaching new customers and becoming a long-term solution partner for these customers, not only in the do- mestic but also in the foreign target markets of the industry.