A Paradise On Earth: Salda Lake

With its clear water and unique, turquoise beach, Salda Lake hosts travellers from many different regions every year.

Located in Yeşilova, Burdur, Salda Lake impresses its visitors with its unique view, attracts attention with its depth reaching 184 metres as the deepest freshwater lake of Turkey. With its 44 square kilometres area, the lake hosts travellers from many different regions with its clear water and unique, turquoise beach.

Big similarities with the jezero crater in mars

With such unique beauty, Salda Lake attracted many people from abroad. In fact, recently, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) stat- ed in its official twitter account that Salda Lake has a lot of similarities with the Jezero Crater on Mars NASA also mentioned that researchers are doing field research in the area for the 2020 Mars mission and in a way registered the unique presence of the lake with its post.

Healing Source For Diseases

On the other hand, experts doing various research in the lake expressed that the water of the lake can be used for therapeutic purposes for some dermatologic diseases. In addition to all these, this significant lake is also protected by the Republic of Turkey. The area was declared as a Special Environmental Protection Area with the Presidential Decision No. 824 dated 14.03.2019, and this reveals the value given to the area by the public

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