A Period Where We Will Mutually Have Opportunities

The trade relations between Türkiye and Colombia have come a long way since the establishment of the Business Council. During President Erdogan’s official visit to Colombia in February 2015, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between ANDI (Colombian National Businessmen’s Association) and DEIK, and the trade relationship between these two countries was taken to a higher level.

Colombia is one of the countries whose potential has been realized recently for Turkish contractors. Along with the growth in the construction and infrastructure sector, the construction materials sector is growing steadily.

Mining and oil are among the areas that the Colombian Government gives the most importance. The country has rich oil and precious metal reserves (coal, gold, nickel, etc.).

Our business council leads many works to strengthen the relations between the two countries. We are entering a period where we can evaluate mutual opportunities in trade and investment. If the Free Trade Agreement is signed, the trade between the two countries is expected to accelerate even more.

Ilgaz Manuel Bağlıkaya – Chairperson of DEİK/Türkiye-Colombia Business Council


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