“As the DEİK/Digital Technologies Business Council, We Proudly launched Türkiye’s Inaugural Pavilion at Web Summit 2023”

We have chosen Lisbon once again for ‘Web Summit 2023’, one of the world’s premier technology events! The summit drew over 70,000 participants, including 2,608 startups and 906 investors. DEİK/ Digital Technologies Business Council proudly set up Türkiye’s inaugural pavilion at Web Summit. This initiative played a key role in uniting Turkish entrepreneurs with their counterparts from around the globe.

Events like these, marked by success, provide a platform to explore emerging technologies, connect with startups and entrepreneurs, foster idea exchange, and cultivate a mutually beneficial, win-win approach. The visitation of over 5,000 individuals to the Turkish pavilion during the summit succinctly underscores our prominent position as a focal point in the tech landscape. What stood out to me at the Web Summit was our collective enthusiasm, curiosity, and genuine passion! Certainly, Türkiye boasts one of the youngest populations in Europe. This youthful demographic exhibits a keen interest in technology and digitalization.

Our companies made a notable representation of our country in Lisbon, showcasing a spectrum of achievements from gaming technologies to artificial intelligence, web 3.0 initiatives, cyber security, and e-commerce. Türkiye, particularly in the gaming industry, stands as an ambitious hub, drawing attention with significant brands and substantial investments in this sector. In fact, we hold the second position in Europe when it comes to gaming.

For DEİK, enhancing our capabilities in this and similar domains is of utmost importance, underscoring our commitment to events of this nature. The crucial aspect here lies in fostering “cooperation”. Türkiye will emerge as a sought-after figure in prominent summits and a key leader in the digital economy when public institutions, universities, and private sector entities collaborate harmoniously. This is due to the already well-established infrastructure, widespread internet penetration, and the presence of over 100 TDZs and more than 1,250 R&D centres in the country. In summary, it is evident that Türkiye is a nation committed to advancing next-generation technologies. As the Chairperson of DEİK/Digital Technologies Business Council, I had the opportunity to witness this firsthand at the Web Summit. Based on the positive responses and connections we experienced in Lisbon, I believe that in five years, Türkiye has the potential to emerge as one of the key countries in next-generation technologies, establishing itself as a technology hub.

Recognizing this potential, we place significant emphasis on participating in technology-focused events. Our efforts are geared towards boosting the technology exports of Turkish companies and attracting investors to contribute to Türkiye’s tech landscape. In light of this, we prioritize the networking opportunities that stem from such events and actively seek to forge various agreements. Above all, we make it a point to articulate, at every possible opportunity, the compelling reasons for investing in Türkiye. During Web Summit 2023, I endeavoured to communicate Türkiye’s eagerness and potential for digitalization through our presentation.

The primary objective of DEİK is to augment the presence of Turkish companies and brands within the Fortune 500. Simultaneously, we aim to unite young entrepreneurs through such events, stay abreast of technological and innovative advancements, and bolster the confidence in our nation and young talents to keep pace with these innovations. Indeed, by encompassing the future of technology and showcasing the Turkish startup ecosystem, each presentation presents substantial opportunities to pique the interest of a multitude of investors and exhibitors.

The feedback we receive allows our entrepreneurs to not only showcase their products but also to disseminate our shared vision. This year we established the Türkiye pavilion under the leadership of DEİK-DTİK. During my brief stay in Portugal, I had the chance to gauge the technological landscape, assess our own initiatives, and evaluate the state of affairs in our country. We possess a robust potential as bearers of a profoundly rich and ancient heritage. My conviction that we will thrive with this inherent potential has been further strengthened. Remaining immersed in technology and closely tracking its advancements is pivotal for our growth and development. It is crucial to recognize that the responsibility is now ours to secure our position in the digital economy and emerge as a major player. Indeed, now is the time to initiate the game!