If you can prove not only to yourself but also to investors and your sector that you believe in yourself and your ideas, you always have a chance to be successful.

Entrepreneurship is not always about turning the best idea into the best product. Sometimes a great idea won’t have enough success when turning into a product, and an idea that seems messy and not profitable can turn into a multi-million-dollar business.

Key Point: Growth

In fact, everything is based on finding an idea that can be realized and pursuing it day and night. Remember, even if you have an excellent crew, you must be the captain of your ship until you take your idea to the surface of the water. The most important aspect of being an entrepreneur is to trust yourself and leave doubts aside. If you are able to explain your ideas and how to implement them in 10-15 seconds, then your idea is settled and is open to progress. If it takes too long to explain, it means that you should work on and develop your idea further.

Why Now And Why You?

Another most important aspect of entrepreneurship is timing. Presenting a perfect idea at the most accurate time is important for these businesses to develop rapidly. A business that starts at the wrong time, even with a lot of promise, cannot have enough influence. Therefore, entrepreneurs should focus not only on their business, but they should also follow the circumstances in the international environment and current events. Knowing about the current situation can help you to avoid a crisis, and even enable you to turn it into an opportunity. Remember that even with suggestions or comments of your consultants, you should stand by your personal opinions. This is a real war! Act with the awareness of this long-running war against lack of resources, investors, consultants, and yourself. Always have sharp perception and intuition. The risks and decisions that you have taken will determine what your entrepreneurship life will be like. An advanced technology behind your initiative will not guarantee success. Explaining a scientific-based idea to consumers may be even more challenging. Technology entrepreneurship requires self-learning. The product you will present should be easy to learn, no matter how high, advanced, or completely new your technology will be. The entrepreneur should offer a solution with which users can make a gain, facilitate their lives, or save from expenses.

Investors Issue

Finding an investor itself is a process management and there are no schools or training for this. Like art, one must learn it from those who know how to do it. The investor wants to see your possibility of becoming a billion-dollar business. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, it will be easier for you to prepare your business idea, team, business model, investment needs, and timeline, and to go to investors with this information. In order to do this, it is important to work well, pay attention to every detail, and always seek the help of an external opinion. If you can prove not only to yourself but also to investors and your sector that you believe in yourself and your ideas, you always have a chance to be successful.

Founder and CEO of RemoteTeam.com Şahin Boydaş