Cyber Security Must Concentrate on Resilience

“Digital immunity” will get even stronger after any “digital infection” with a successful cyber security

Our working styles have changed considerably with COVID-19. Remote working, online meetings, and heavy use of social networks have shown the importance of cyber security once more. When we moved our entire lives to online platforms, we faced open doors, soft spots, and vulnerabilities in protecting both personal and corporate data.

The biggest threat in this regard is the cyber attacks that pressed upon our private lives through open areas. That being the case, we need to protect our privacy as much as we can and grasp the importance of the issue. The concept of resilience comes to the forefront here. In simple terms, “resilience” refers to the ability of a system to sustain functioning during adverse conditions and protection of businesses. People and systems connected with Internet of Things-supported communication networks in the cyber security environments of the modern world. What we mean is that our digital systems, servers, storage devices and computers where we keep our private information need to be “resilient”.

Therefore, these systems need to become non-vulnerable and protected. In this way, we will be able to take measures against every attack and develop a smarter protection system with our experience for other attacks. In short, “digital immunity” will get stronger after any “digital infection” with a successful cyber security.

Chairperson of Turkey-Finland Business Council Halil Kulluk

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