A globally compatible cyber security ecosystem will create harmony with international business activities and trade diplomacy

The concept of cyber security can be defined as the practice of protecting computers, servers, electronic systems and networks frommalicious attacks. On the other hand, the issue of cyber security is not only a problem that can be solved by cyber security technologies and it has never been that way. A technology or technology group (whether domestic or foreign) is a significant component, however, it is not the main determinant in terms of solving the issue of cyber security.

The issue of cyber security is a governance issue requiring the management of people (IT staff, and all users, citizens), processes (information or non-information), and technologies (cyber security or out-of-field technologies) from the perspective of prediction, protection, detection, response, and return.

For instance, cyber security technologies play a similar role in cyber security risks and issues, just as the role played by healthcare technologies in the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of Covid-19. All cyber security functions should have a life cycle based on regulation, analysis, testing, and auditing. Assessment of the situation and precautions in terms of the issues specific to the relevant fields of cyber security (cyber security of citizens, corporate security, national cyber security, cyber weapons/war, etc.) is necessary.

The studies conducted within this framework will ensure the formation of a natural cyber security ecosystem. The cyber security ecosystem to be formed will also create significant energy and synergy to increase Türkiye’s cyber security presence in global markets.  A globally compatible cyber security ecosystem will create harmony with international business activities and trade diplomacy. From this point of view, the basic commercial entities in the cyber security ecosystem are as follows:


• “Domestic and foreign producers”, who are the producers of technologies supplied to end users and established in Türkiye (domestic) or not (foreign) as a legal entity
• “Distributors”, who are responsible for the national/ international distribution of the technologies of the producers and/or the producer services provided along with these technologies to ensure their effectiveness
• “Resellers”, who are the business partners of producers and provide integrators with the technologies and technology services provided by distributors or producers in order for the delivery of them to the end user by adding their own knowledge
• “Resellers”, who offer services (installation, consultancy, service, training, etc.) related or not related to technologies to the end users or integrators to deliver them to the end users
• “Integrators”, who deliver solutions brought together with the help of various stakeholders to end users
• “End users”, who reside in Türkiye or outside Türkiye as the legal entities procuring the solutions

Companies that are the representatives of the cyber security ecosystem in Türkiye and categorized in this way also create significant value through their day-to-day commercial activities. Naturally, the first value created is to increase or maintain the level of cyber security for end users. The emerging indirect value, however, is a significant contribution to achieving national targets (increasingexports, decreasing imports, ensuring locality, increasing capacity, etc.).

The evaluation of the situation in our country shows that the supporting, regulatory, and guiding activities of many other organizations, NGOs, institutions, and organizations that are not mentioned in this article but are part and supporter of the ecosystem in the field of Cyber Security are quite effective. The positive effect of these efforts, which can be considered as a joint effort, on the development of the ecosystem is directly observable to us as members of the sector.

New initiatives and companies established to solve the cyber security problem are taking their place in the market. Compared to previous years, more cyber security companies receive investments and many investors describe cyber security as their primary investment area. Entrepreneurs of companies that have received or are about to receive investments are and will be transformed into significant leaders and pioneers of the sector in the future. Young people entering the field of cyber security who are willing to make progress will also be able to aim for different horizons under these examples. Consequently, we wish for a cyber security ecosystem in which there is great interest for Türkiye.