Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) built “DEİK City of Life” in Kahramanmaraş, Elbistan, by taking action with valuable business people after the 6 February earthquake disaster, which shook our country to the core. Completing the works in the 2,5-3 months following the earthquake, ‘DEİK City of Life’, which was going to be a temporary home for the earthquake survivors, was handed over on Eid. In Elbistan, a living city comprising 1,000 containers, each 21 m² in size, was designed to accommodate around 5,000 earthquake victims.

The planning considered all the essential needs of a home for those affected. Everything that a house needs is put into every container home at DEİK City of Life, from beds to closets, sofa beds to blankets, beddings to duvets, ovens to refrigerators, electric heaters to water heaters, roller blinds to folding tables, teapots to dining tables, pots and pans to utilities, shoe cabinets to doormats, rugs to towels, televisions to satellite and internet groundwork. “DEİK Town”, realized on a sprawling 76,700 m² area in Elbistan, encompasses all essential social amenities, including schools, security facilities, health centres, playgrounds, and sports fields. DEİK keeps striving towards permanent solutions with all Business Councils and counterpart organizations.