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DEİK Will Bring More Companies Together With Foreign Markets

Following the statements of the Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, another good news for the trade world came from President of Foreign Economic Relations Board, Nail OLPAK. Mr. Olpak said that they had prepared a package within the scope of DEİK to support the Export Master Plan launched by the Ministry of Trade and aimed to involve more members of DEİK. Mr. Olpak pointed out that they would bring more companies together with foreign markets and guide them commercially with the “Support Package for Export Master Plan”.

Concerning the launch of Support Package for Export Master Plan, Mr. Olpak said “Big Data, which is an important issue in today’s world, stands out incredibly. One of the infrastructures and platforms ensuring this is the width of your network. We consider how we can more add our companies to the network. Since last year we have thought about how to shoulder responsibility in a process when certain fluctuations in the economy are under control. We consider how we can bring together our industrialists, exporters, contractors and companies in service sector with DEİK. In this regard, we decided to implement Export Master Plan.”


Mr. Olpak stated that within the scope of the Support Package for Export Master Plan, a 60 percent discount will be made on the first year dues of the new member companies of DEİK and a 20 percent discount will be offered on the amount of different dues collected by the business councils for their own activities. Also, he emphasized that they organized almost 1500 activities both in Turkey and in other countries within a year and these came at a price and said “Until today, we haven’t made any discrimination in participation fees and overseas travels for participation in these activities, whether or not the participators are members of DEİK. However, we decided to make positive discrimination. With the decision of our Board of Management, we decided to give a 20 percent discount to all our members for their participation in our activities.


Mr. Olpak telling about the discounts also said “Our aim is to include organizations that haven’t participated in DEİK platform so far and haven’t benefited from the advantages offered by this organization. We will be open to everyone who is aware of the outside world and wants to trade globally.” Mr. Olpak said that they aim to increase the number of members to three times in the medium term and five times afterwards and added “We have such a goal to contribute to the increase of foreign trade volume of our country. We have experiences and contributions from 34 years of our infrastructure. When we achieve this, I think we will contribute to our foreign trade by 20 to 30 percent in the medium and long term.”

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