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Direct Flights Will Start Between Turkey and Mongolia

The 50th anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Turkey and Mongolia

Due to our common history, we have close ties with Mongolia. In the coming period, it is expected to the increase of economic success with its educated young population. The country’s current export concentrates on natural resources and minerals and it mostly imports re ned petroleum products, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. When examining our foreign trade gures with Mongolia, we see a trend way under the potential. There are many opportunities especially in tourism, health tourism, education, livestock, mining, leather and leather products. With the direct ights of Turkish Airlines (THY) between Istanbul and Ulaanbaatar as of January 1, 2020, with wide body and cargo capacity aircrafts, the trade activities are expected to accelerate. The ights, which are limited to 800 passengers per week, are requested to be made unlimited in a short time. Due to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Mongolia, steps to increase commercial and cultural activities in the coming period are expected.

Turkey-Mongolia Business Council Chairman Cengiz Gül

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