Africa is a continent where investments in any sector should be well-researched and long-term investments should be made

In the past, Africa was described as a place of unknowns, where conditions were difficult for the trade of our country. But this negative perception of Africa is no longer the case. Because Türkiye’s diplomatic and political steps have changed this perception. We see that this development between the two countries has positive effects on trade. Turkish investors and business people should not take a short-term view of Africa.

Africa is a continent where investments in any sector should be well researched and long-term investments should be made. I am also of the opinion that the rules and laws of the country with which we cooperate should be meticulously approached. Our trade with Africa is based on cooperation. This trade is based on mutual investment and aims to develop both countries in the areas of investment.

As DEIK, we are working on the development of commercial investment relations between the two countries. We strive to increase mutual investments through B2B meetings. Happily, this endeavor of ours is paying off on the occasion of the Türkiye-Africa IV Business and Economic Forum. This year 4,000 people participated in this very important organization. This is an important number for new investments and collaborations.

I believe that our trade volume with Africa will double as long as organizations such as TABEF are held and commercial diplomacy activities are given importance.