It is very hard to say or write something following the earthquake disaster we experienced… All of us lost our dear ones, be it a relative or a friend in this disaster. Those who are injured, who lost their homes, who had to leave their hometowns where they were born and grew up, and millions of our people who have suffered many other grievances… Yet, we still have hope. We will heal our wounds together, stand back up, shake off the debris on us, and keep striving for a strong and beautiful Türkiye with all our might.

The Defence Industry made the cover subject of the current issue of our journal. As the name implies, it refers to defence, not to wars or assaults… The famous phrase of a well-known poet expresses the issue in a delicate manner: “Si vis pacem, para bellum.” It means that if you wish for peace, you should be prepared for war.

We thought that the war scenes we saw in documentaries and movies were a thing of the past, that classic or conventional wars were over, that space wars were about to begin, and that laser beam weapons would be used. Yet, that is not the case… The footage of the Russia Ukraine war made us witness soldiers fighting at close quarters in the trenches. Unlike the wars of the past, Armed UAVs and kamikaze drones are being used in this war as well as conventional weapons, as in the Azerbaijan-Armenia war.

We had better interpret the breakthroughs in the defence industry of our country by taking these facts into account. We now have a defence industry with a presence around the world, which is freed from foreign dependency, capable of designing and manufacturing critical and strategic systems, exporting these products and systems and providing foreign currency inflows. We also included the leading organizations of the Defence Industry, in the pages of our journal.

I wish you a healthy and peaceful day, enjoy your reading.