Investments Will Gain Importance Digitalisation and Automation

We foresee that digitalisation and automation trends that get stronger after each recession will be more systematically supported

Even though macro anticipations on the world economy indicate a partial recovery expectation for 2021, the global loss is expected to be almost equal to the total economic size of Japan and Germany by the end of next year. We expect the compensation of this kind of loss will have impacts on the decisions to be made regarding investment priorities, areas, and timing.

This is the first time that states and companies have felt the impact of breakdowns in global supply chains on socio-economic life this deeply. Solutions produced for alternative resource searches in the short term are now addressed with a more strategical and permanent perspective that will shorten the supply chains. We hear that digitalisation and automation trends that get stronger after each recession will be more systematically supported.

E-Commerce Has Changed Consumer Habits

Needs and new business models appearing with the crisis will also cause investments to focus on certain areas. It is foreseen that clinical research in the health sector and the R&D investments for medical device development will reach an important level. We think that the e-commerce sector will continue to grow and permanently change consumer habits with the needs in the pandemic period. With individuals spending more time at home, especially while working from home, their access and needs for digital technologies have increased and this will lead to developments in areas such as wideband infrastructures, high-speed internet access, 5G investments, cloud technologies, data storage, and use.

In this period where we cannot talk about possible future scenarios yet, the only thing we are sure of is that the ability to adapt to the post-coronavirus period will be a new competitive power parameter. We believe that the more innovatively governments develop their investment support policies and companies develop their business models, the more accomplishment they will get. The fact that there are positive signals regarding our country’s investment environment and investment perspective even in this difficult transition period is a good investment for the post-crisis period.

Our Members Are Good Examples in Digitalisation

As YASED (International Investors Association), we give importance to digitalisation and integration into global supply chains so that our country can deliver a performance in line with its potential for international investments. Our members with global operations personally manage the opportunities and risks caused by the breakdowns in supply chains and present the best application examples in digitalisation. We also share our global perspective and experience on platforms where we come together with our shareholders, especially with the public, and contribute to our country’s efforts to develop its investment environment competitively.

Secretary General of International Investors Association    Serkan Valandova

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