Kalyon Holding Leads The Way İn The Vision Projects of Türkiye

Kalyon Holding has served for 78 years in order to make Türkiye sustainably developed, building wealthy futures for the environment and the posterity. Our holding is carrying out special projects on sustainable and renewable energy while getting action and making decisions by taking into consideration of the vision of compatibility of the “society”, “design”, “technology” and “environment”.

By the inspiration of that vision, Kalyon Photovoltaic Solar Technologies Factory (Kalyon PV) has been operated by 475 Million USD investment which is aimed of producing domestic and renewable energy production, in Başkent Organised Industrial Region, 150.000 square meter confined space of total 250.000 square meter area and employed more than 2000 individuals. Our integrated factory is unique in the World by consisting of four factories under the same roof so called ingot, wafer, cell and solar modules.

 Our Kalyon PV Factory which had been started in 19th August 2020 have produced over 3.250.000 modules since its establishment. Having 80% of domestic production capability, we are producing 1200 MW solar modules annually in our unique facility as integrated. We have started to complete all our preparations to increase the production capacity from 1200 MW to 2000 MW annually. Thanks to that additional investment, we will have met the foreign demand. While we will continue to the additional investments on Kalyon PV which is totally a joint venture of Kalyon Holding with our equity capital, create more employment and contribution to the Turkish economy, we will also have been spare 150-200 millions of USD investment to enlarge the production capacity of factory. Apart from that additional investment and capacity increase, we are planning to raise the employment of Kalyon PV over 3000 individuals.

Kalyon Karapınar SPP which we have made a strategic cooperation and stand on the ground which is equal with 2600 soccer field area had started to construct at the beginning of January 2020. In a short term as two years also covering COVID-19 pandemics also continue, we have started to operate 1020 MW capacity of the plant. By the end of 2022, Kalyon Karapınar SPP having one billion USD investment value is expected to operate by 1347.73 MWp installed capacity. With this qualification, Kalyon Karapınar SPP will become the largest SPP of Europe and one of five largest SPP in the world by producing yearly 3 billion KWh electricity of 2 million people’s demand, enabling 450 million USD yearly currency substitution and a remarkable step to provide the energy demand from our domestic sources.

Kalyon PV CEO

 Ersan Tüfekçi

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