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Nigeria Is Closer Than Ever

We need more contacts to increase our relations and trade with Nigeria.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has affected the whole world actually has had positive impacts on the Turkey-Nigeria trade. Due to China and India’s stagnation in the economy, which are Nigeria’s biggest trade partners, the country started looking for alternatives. And Turkey-Nigeria trade also continued to increase non-stop during this period.

Turkey’s positive image in the country also helped the demand for our products. Continuity in the market is the most important detail for Africa. And we can use the support of the government to strengthen our position here. We need more contacts to increase our trade with Nigeria. We can guarantee up to 10 years of export through high-level contacts between the countries and informing our businesspeople on the opportunities in Nigeria. Having the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria is the first country that we should consider for the “Foreign Logistics Centre” that our country plans to establish in Africa with its potential and real consumption.

Chairperson, Turkey-Nigeria Business Council Hakan Özel

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