Nurol maintains operations in Türkiye and on a global scale through over 40 companies and subsidiaries

Established in 1966 with a primary focus on construction and contracting, NUROL has evolved into a diverse group with over 40 companies and subsidiaries spanning various sectors, including defense industry, energy, mining, tourism, finance, trade, and services, and its presence extends across both Türkiye and the world, driven by strategic investments and a workforce of more than 15,000 employees. Leveraging technological innovations, Nurol İnşaat successfully undertakes significant infrastructure and superstructure projects, all while demonstrating its exceptional expertise and capacity, positioning itself as one of the leaders in the industry.

Nurol Makina provides 4×4 tactical wheeled armored vehicle solutions catering to the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, the Turkish National Police, and various other countries. FNSS, a defense industry company within the Nurol Group, specializes in designing and manufacturing customized, reliable, and innovative tracked and wheeled armored vehicles, and is recognized as one of the global leaders in this domain. Nurol Teknoloji, Türkiye’s pioneering and sole manufacturer of advanced technical ceramics, was founded with the objective of producing advanced technical ballistic ceramic products using its own processes.

TÜMAD Madencilik, actively engaged in projects and exploration activities related to precious and base metals within the energy sector, aims to become one of the country’s major gold producers by harnessing domestic resources and cutting-edge technology. In the tourism sector, the Group maintains a high-level service approach exemplified by Sheraton Batumi Hotel, Sheraton Ankara Hotel, and Lugal, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Ankara.