Our Contacts With Republic of South Africa Are Increasing

The Republic of South Africa (RSA) is the political, commercial and cultural center of Africa with its democracy, commitment to principles of the state of law, developed economy, financial and industrial infrastructure.

Since RSA’s primary growth strategy is to attract the investments increasing sustainable growth and employment, existing investment incentives and advantages offered in free zones should also be taken into account. Accordingly, the investment opportunities in textile and apparel sector where we are currently exposed to high customs duties, mining and minerals area where our import rate is high, renewable energy and agricultural processing sector can be utilized. Our companies must definitely perform the necessary pre-analyses and establish the market entry strategy when entering to the market, develop the dealership/distributorship networks of the products, mainly, requiring after-sale follow-up, technical maintenance and repair.

The two biggest investments of our country in the Republic of South Africa are DEFY, a white goods producer, which was acquired by Arçelik in 2011 and Cape Town Iron and Steel Company acquired by DHT Holding in 2012. Besides, our retail business and retailing brands started to expand their existence in the Republic of South Africa through direct investments and dealership. Also LC Waikiki, which started the operations last year in the large shopping centers in Johannesburg and Cape Town, continues its operations. In addition, in the country there are small and medium-sized and established Turkish enterprises carrying on business in sectors such as ready-made clothing, retail trade, sugary products, carpet, restaurant management, automotive spare parts, machinery and travel agency. The significant investment of the Republic of South Africa in our country is Mutlu Holding and its subsidiaries which were acquired by Met-Air company.

Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to South Africa Elif Çomoğlu Ülgen

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