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Our Trade Figures With Colombia Does Not Reflect The Potential


Turkish investors need to take the natural resources and the growing market of Colombia into consideration.

With its strategic location as the bridge between Central and South America, Colombia is an important country that Turkish investors should consider for its natural resources and growing market.

Colombia offers many opportunities for Turkish companies. If we carefully read the global trends and make good use of the opportunities as private sectors, I believe that we can further our economic relations. Colombia has great potential in areas such as mining and energy, construction materials, and infrastructure projects. Our priority as the Turkey-Colombia Business Council is to introduce the Turkish companies and Colombia with each other. The geographical distance and the lack of an FTA did not allow the increase of trade data between the two countries, and these figures do not reflect our potential. An FTA plays a key role in lowering costs and facilitating trade. As a Council, we take it as our goal to encourage the conclusion of this agreement.

Chairperson, Turkey-Colombia Business Council Kemal Tahir Güleryüz

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