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Pacific Alliance is Much More Than Just a Commercial Contract

Pacific Alliance offers many attracting opportunities to investors and foreign companies

Pacific Alliance is one of the most successful integration mechanisms of the world; it proved that it is a powerful tool for improving trade between alliance countries and Asian countries along with increasing investment and tourism opportunities in the member countries.

Pacific Alliance has a significant market with its population of over 228 million people and has provided seven times increase in the investment flow between the countries since its foundation; it also meets 37 percent of the total gross domestic product and 52 percent of total trade in the Latin America and Caribbean region. So Pacific Alliance undoubtedly offers many attracting opportunities for investors and foreign companies. Also, the fact that that the Alliance has double taxation agreements with 60 countries is another factor that increases the attraction of foreign direct investment. However, since the purpose of the Alliance is free movement of goods, services, capitals, and people, this agreement means more than just a commercial contract.

Specific to Colombia, the country has investment opportunities in sectors such as energy, infrastructure development in various areas, financial services, software-informatics, and agriculture. I invite you all to benefit from the commercial advantages such as access to a liberalized tariff offered as a whole by Pacific Alliance, the opportunity to data storage intraalliance level, legal harmonization in various sectors, facilitating trade, and easy access to public purchase channels compared to others. We want Turkish entrepreneurs to benefit from the Pacific Alliance. You can trust ProColombia for this. Our commercial representation office in Istanbul is at your service.

Procolombia President Flavia Santoro

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