Nural Holding is the umbrella organization of a group of companies that are rooted in the construction sector yet has invested in many sectors today. Among its investments that stand out are the Gebze-İzmir Highway, one of Türkiye’s largest infrastructure Build-Operate-Transfer projects, and FNSS, the first private-sector defence industry company of Türkiye.

Advancing on the path opened by FNSS in the defence industry, Nurol Makina obtains almost all of its turnover consisting of 4×4 vehicle sales from export activities. Nurol Teknoloji, another defence industry investment by Nurol, is the only manufacturer of boron carbide, silicon carbide, and alumina mixed ceramics in Türkiye and offers solutions in all areas of armour technology.

In addition, the investments made by TÜMAD, Nurol’s subsidiary in the gold mining sector, won the general approval of the international institutions for their environmental and social standards.

Not limiting itself with these investments, Nurol has also made its mark on Türkiye’s brand real estate development project through REIT. It is also the owner of Sheraton hotels, which will be considered as the architectural symbols of the cities in Ankara and Batum in the future.

Having the capacity to meet all of the Group’s electricity needs from its renewable energy sources through its investments in the energy sector, Nurol is also involved in financial services through its investment banking, portfolio management, asset management, and insurance intermediation activities.

Kerim KEMAHLI / CFO and Board Member Nurol Holding A.Ş.