Role of TURKSAT in the Defence Industry

Established to meet all military and civilian satellite communication needs of our country, TÜRKSAT works very closely with all relevant institutions and organizations. Having nearly 30 years of satellite operation experience, we keep working nonstop with the aim of meeting the needs of all our stakeholders, who receive service via our satellites, with the highest quality and in the shortest time possible. In the course of the planning process for our new satellites, we prioritize meeting the services that our country may need in the future and make our investments accordingly. The indepth examination of the Ka-Band coverage area of our TÜRKSAT 5B satellite shows that steps have been taken to meet the broadband communication needs that have arisen in the regions where the efficiency of our country has increased in recent years. We believe that our TÜRKSAT 5B satellite, which will offer broadband satellite communication to aircraft and ships, will be playing a very significant role in today’s world where mobility is increasing day by day.

As TÜRKSAT, we are increasing our investments not only in satellites but also in ground systems, which are the irreplaceable components of satellite communication. Originally developed by us, the SOTM (SATCOM On TheMove) solution brings mobility to fixed satellite communication solutions. We have become capable of offering the SOTM antenna satellite communication service, which we developed with the purpose of meeting the needs of both military and civilian users, through TÜRKSAT branded antennas.

Aiming to take the end-to-end service concept to the next level, we started a project with ASELSAN to develop the Ka-Band HUB system and modems using domestic and national resources. Through this project, we will develop the Ka-Band satellite communication HUB system offered by several manufacturers around the world in our country and offer end-to-end satellite communication services in every sense over our domestic and national ground systems in the upcoming years. In the aerospace industry, we are increasing the capacity of the satellite communication service we offer to aircraft over Ku and Ka-Band. We are also accelerating Ka Band IoT antenna development activities to include satellite communication in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which is one of the critical topics for the near future. TÜRKSAT is increasing its investments day by day to offer satellite services with end-to-end and turnkey products and services.


We have put our Cyber Maturity, Risk, Security and Compliance Platform (SORGU), Project, Portfolio and Ecosystem Management System (Projem) and Electronic Authentication System (EKDS) products under our TÜRKSAT Bilişim brand, which we announced to the public through the T-Moment launch program at the beginning of November, to the use of the IT industry.

In the field of cyber security, we maintain operations to protect our critical assets, such as the e-Government Gateway, satellite infrastructure, TÜRKSAT Cable infrastructure and IT projects, against cyber threats. At this point, within the framework of the experience we have gained in our internal processes and projects, we have product developments that we intend to expand to the private sector and abroad, especially to public institutions and organizations. These products will appeal to sectors such as health, banking, communication, etc., as well as aerospace and defence industries. On the other hand, we offer services to public institutions in our data centre on physical and virtual hosting, FKM and business continuity.

Having its design phase completed and planned to be constructed in the upcoming days, TÜRKSAT Gölbaşı Data Centre is designed to have a white area of 5,200 m2, a cabin capacity of 1700, and an installed power of 15 MW. The goal is to provide physical and virtual hosting services, cloud services, high-performance computing and modelling services to public institutions and organizations, banks and the private sector with Türksat Gölbaşı Data Center. Besides, services provided to public institutions and organizations include the establishment of data centre buildings in accordance with TIER standards, the construction of container data centres, the purchase and installation of servers, networks, storage and backup devices, uninterrupted transfer of their existing systems to newly established data centres, and the maintenance of existing passive and active devices. In addition to these activities, we analyze the needs of public institutions in the field of cyber security, which is an integral part of digital transformation, and offer services to deploy the right solutions for each institution. In this way, we prevent unnecessary investments and high costs by ensuring that public institutions provide the appropriate cyber security service and solutions for themselves, and we aim to offer the most effective cybersecurity infrastructure. As we carry out our services and solutions with the subcontractors we work with, we also contribute to the development of the Cyber Security Ecosystem, which is clustered under the Presidency of Defense Industries.

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