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Target is to Increase Trade Volume With Greece

There is a significant volume of trade and potential between Turkey and Greece. As Turkey-Greece Business Council, we intend to expand this trade volume by opening a white page with our neighboring country. We are carrying out extensive studies to double the volume of bilateral trade, which reached 4 billion USD in 2018, to 8 billion USD for the year 2019. In this context, we have set some important targets for 2019 as the Business Council. In order to increase mutual investment with Greece and to have a more comprehensive working area, we continue to cooperate with the organizations active in Greece. Efforts to increase our trade volume with Greece, increase investments in energy, tourism, agriculture and develop joint projects and work on improving the perception of Turkey are our primary goals. Thus, we aim to build a solid foundation for a win-win relationship as well as to improve the relations between the two countries and develop the trade volume.

Turkey – Greece Business Council President Levent Sadık Ahmet

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