The Largest Prıvately-Owned Investment Bank In Türkı̇ye; Aktı̇f Bank

We, as Aktif Bank, the largest privately-owned investment bank in Türkiye, maintain our operations thanks to our innovative business models, whereby we reinterpret the investment banking, and our investments in technology. and also by acting as the largest financial technologies ecosystem in Türkiye In addition to the foreign trade services, we have been providing to not only the Turkish exporters but worldwide, we act as a leading and good player in the interna- tional markets in respect of exportation of financial technologies as well. Besides, we assume the role of intermediary bank for the transactions of the third countries that have no connection with Türkiye. Our business model with no precedent in Türkiye and our international banking structure and our competent team, capable of offering service in 11 different languages, lie behind such achieve- ments of us. Just in 2021, our team visited 22 countries, the majority of which consists of the countries in Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States, despite the pandemic. During such visits, we meet not only with banks but also with the governmental agencies and the leading organizations in the region we visit. Thus, we are trying to guide our business people by determining the needs of the countries on-site.

We are providing the Turkish exporters with the financial bridg- es, we have established thanks to the knowledge, capability and connections we possess, and we are opening the doors to secure trade for our customers by assuming the bank risks in addition to the timely and fully collection of the export proceeds. We continue to provide support to the foreign trade companies by creating a cost advantage along with the tailored foreign trade packages, we design, in addition to our opportunities for consulting, payment guarantee and financing. Our Representative Office in Rwanda commenced its operations in March 2022, and being the first non-African foreign-invested commercial bank in the country, we maintain our close contact with our business partners in the East Africa and continue to facilitate the life for our exporters.

189 of the banks doing business in Africa has a foreign currency account with Aktif Bank, and the cash movements of such banks are managed by us. We shall proudly express in the name of Turkish banking that we are the leading bank, which manages the intra-Africa payment operations and which has, for such purpose, established a platform dedicated to Africa, in the world. While continuing to provide support to our exporters, we, as Aktif Bank, are bringing our experience in investment banking to this continent, as well. In line with the importance, we attach to the African geogra- phy, in addition to the services we provide to our exporters, we are also resolving the issues experienced here by our businessmen, carrying out energy, construction operations, and acting as their solutions partners. Last year, we managed a cash movement of approximately 1 billion Dollars with Africa, and we estimate that such figure would exceed 1.25 billion Dollars in 2022. We are targetting a growth by 25 percent.

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