The Only Way Is to Strengthen International Cooperation

It is necessary to construct a new global economy prioritising humans and nature

Turkey started getting to know the distance learning and remote working model with Coronavirus. Whereas these technologies are actively used in daily life in China. So, the distance learning system was successfully applied in the country. China both accepts foreign students and sends its students to other countries for education.  Coronavirus showed that this model, established on international student incomes, can be fragile. Students will prefer to develop a skill they could use to support themselves and to improve their individual competitive edge in the upcoming period.

China announced that the industrial production shrank by 13 percent in February compared to the same period last year. In March, there was only one percent shrinkage compared to the same month of last year. And this showed that the U-shaped recovery process has started. Now, it is necessary to construct a new global economy prioritising human and nature and to invest in constant change, innovation, and capacity development from state to individuals. However, a productive global economy is not something that countries can realise on their own. The only way is to strengthen international cooperation. Coronavirus showed us that we have no other choice at this point either.

Koç University-National Defence University Lecturer Dr. Altay Atlı

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