Turkey-Cameroon Business Council is Ready to Support the Companies

Cameroon offers investment and cooperation opportunities about energy, substructure, and commercial activities on its continent

Located in Midwestern Africa, Cameroon is among the countries that provide investment and cooperation opportunities in energy, infrastructure, and business activities on its continent. The opportunities provided by the Investment Agency to promote foreign investments make the country commercially attractive. The fact that Cameroon having two official languages of French and English provides convenience for businessmen in every sector and the investors. Also, 42 percent of its population consists of 25 million people is in the 0 -14 age range and this shows its strong human resource potential. Additionally, Cameroon has strategical importance in terms of providing sea transport for shoreless contiguous countries such as Chad and Central African Republic along with all these advantages. The increase in the Turkish companies that uses this commercial potential supports the anticipation of the business volume between the two countries will become stronger in the near future. Because of the completed or ongoing projects of Turkey worth almost 500 million dollars, the interest in Turkish services and products is increasing day by day in the country. As a result, we, as Turkey-Cameroon Business Council, are ready to give support of any nature to our companies that plan to break in the African market over Cameroon.


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