Health tourism has become a serious area of competition in the world in recent years due to its 100 billion dollars volume in the world and dozens of new business lines it generates. Turkey also wants to be a part of this competition and has made very significant progress in 15 years. Annually about 400 thousand foreign patients generating $5 billion in health tourism revenue have put Turkey quickly in the forefront in this area. The country’s well-trained doctors and health personnel, the current tourism potential, the good progress made in terms of physical and device infrastructures, mechanisms of operation and quality processes of health institutions in recent years have been the main factors in enabling Turkey to take its deserved place in the competition. The Health Business Council (SAIK) which has been active in the structure of DEIK since 2010 and set out for health tourism but steered its activities in favor of establishing international health business cooperation as a result of its comprehensive vision has taken anactive role in this process. SAIK will continue its activities as a pioneering and motivating platform for the establishment of international health collaboration inthe field of health tourism, the realization of health diplomacy  and coordination among institutions.


Health Business Council Chairman/ Prof. Dr. Orhan Gazi Yiğitbaşı

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