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Turkish Companies in Niger Stand Out With The Quality

The trade volume between Turkey and Niger reached around 49 million dollar in 2018. This data reveals that our trade volume can be carried to a much higher level considering the existing potential of the two countries. When the applications made by Turkish and Nigerian businessmen to our Embassy are reviewed, it is predicted that the bilateral trade may increase around 100 million dollars in the first phase in the short term.

The commercial potentials and investment opportunities in Niger haven’t been sufficiently known in Turkey yet. Moreover, Nigerian legislation offers important incentives and opportunities especially for investors. At this point, I consider that a business visit to Niger on June 17-21, organized under the leadership of the Turkey – Niger Business Council, provides an important opportunity to examine the significant commercial and investment potential of Niger. We should increase the number of such visits within the bounds of possibility.

The Turkish companies currently investing in Niger both contribute directly to the employment and development of the country and release products and services exported from Turkey to the African market. The investments made by Turkish companies, the quality of goods, services and processed products brought with them, show us as the main differential feature from others and increase the demand for Turkish products.

Agriculture, food and mining are the leading sectors in Niger. Based on agriculture, food processing and animal husbandry can also be considered virgin in terms of investments in Niger. Another primary sector is energy. Niger needs big investments in renewable energy. In addition, the African Continental Free Trade Agreement entered into force. This agreement will provide great opportunities for entrepreneurs to invest in African countries in respect to free trade in the short and medium term across the continent.

Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Niger Mustafa Türker Arı

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