We will maintain our activities with Africa in line with our “win-win” principle

The relationship between Türkiye and Africa persists through a comprehensive strategic partnership built on bonds of friendship and brotherhood. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1998, bilateral relations have experienced substantial growth over the last 25 years. Efforts have been made to enhance political ties, boost economic interaction, and enhance technical cooperation, leading to the organization of numerous significant events. In this context, we hosted the IV. Türkiye-Africa Business and Economic Forum (TABEF) on October 12-13, 2023, under the theme “Addressing Challenges, Unlocking Opportunities: Building Stronger Türkiye-Africa Economic Partnerships”.

Through TABEF, we have created a unique platform fostering long-term cooperation, thereby contributing to the economic growth and development of both African and Turkish companies. We are actively engaged in activities as DEİK/Türkiye-Africa Business Councils to enhance trade relations between Türkiye and the African continent. We have established short, medium, and long-term goals to identify opportunities for collaboration between Africa and Türkiye, particularly focusing on sectors such as health, industrialization, agro-industry, infrastructure, and tourism. Türkiye aspires to become Africa’s technical partner in various fields, including agriculture, construction, textile, industry, technology, and health. This vision is pursued through the implementation of the “Africa Partnership Policy” which, in line with the “win-win” principle, seeks to develop banking and financing opportunities.

In this context, “Agenda 2063” and the “UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals” hold great significance for the relations between Türkiye and the African Union. North African countries play a substantial role in Türkiye’s exports to the African continent. In 2022, a significant portion, accounting for 52.3 percent, of Türkiye’s 23.6 billion USD worth of exports to Africa was directed to Egypt, Morocco, Libya, and Algeria. Among these countries, Egypt maintained its position as the leader with 4.6 billion USD in exports, as in previous years. Examining the top 10 sectors with the highest exports to Africa in 2022, the energy sector witnessed the most substantial increase with a growth rate of 106 percent, whereas gold jewellery exports experienced a contraction of 28 percent.

North African countries prominently feature in Türkiye’s imports from the African continent. In 2022, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, and Libya took the lead in imports, contributing to three-quarters of the total imports from Africa. Türkiye’’s imports from Africa in 2022 witnessed a 15 percent increase compared to the previous year. The energy and gold and jewelry sectors play crucial roles in imports to African countries. In comparison to the previous year, these imports experienced a notable increase of 70 percent, with energy imports growing by 43 percent. Following closely behind, in terms of imports to African countries, are the inorganic chemicals and iron and steel sectors. In this context, we are committed to further developing our relations with Africa in 2024 and will continue our activities in alignment with the “win-win” principle.


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