Türkiye and Finland Have Sound Commercial and Cultural Cooperations

Providing support to the European Union accession process of our country, the bilateral relations and international cooperation between Türkiye and Finland

keep improving as they strengthen each other. By the end of 2021, the trade between the two countries reached £2 billion, with Türkiye’s imports from Finland increasing by 24% and exports by 31% compared to the previous year. The most significant items of our improving trade relations are automotive and land vehicle parts, followed by white goods and textiles. In addition to the sound commercial and cultural cooperation between Türkiye and Finland, there is also a potential for cooperation in the fields of Digitalization and Sustainability, deemed to be the two pillars of growth in the near future. Sustainability covers topics such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, cir- cular economy, and waste management, and the field of digitalization covers topics such as smart manufacturing, digital trust, and communication infrastructure (5G).

As the DEIK/Türkiye-Finland Business Council, we strive to lead many activities with the purpose of strengthening the relations between the two countries and making use of the opportunities. We are pleased to have hosted the Round Table Meeting, where we brought together busi- ness people from the two countries, in this period during which we can evaluate mutual opportunities in trade and investment, within the scope of the Turkey-Finland 1st Term JETCO Meeting held on June 8.

Chairperson of Türkiye-Finland Business Council


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