Türkiye-Mozambique bilateral relations, which were stagnant for many years, have regained momentum as a result of Türkiye’s efforts under the framework of the African Partnership Policy. In 2011, Türkiye established an embassy in Maputo. Indeed, the opening of the embassy in Maputo marked a significant milestone in the development of relations between Türkiye and Mozambique. Mozambique stands out as one of Africa’s wealthiest nations in terms of its natural resources and ports.

Hence, there exists significant potential for fostering economic cooperation with the nation. Around 40 Turkish companies have invested around USD 200 million in Mozambique. The number of Turkish companies, particularly in the construction sector, is steadily growing in Mozambique. Furthermore, the government is strategizing significant investments aimed at enhancing the country’s infrastructure over the long term. Türkiye reached to position of a net exporter in foreign trade after 2019. In 2022, the foreign trade balance favoured our country with USD 23 million.

That year, we recorded imports of USD 61 million against exports of USD 84 million. In 2022, Türkiye exported hard coal tar, crude oil products, volatile oils, electrical machinery, iron, and steel to Mozambique, while its imports from Mozambique primarily consisted of hard coal and tobacco, which represented over 95 percent of the total imports.