We Are Trying to Turn the Crisis into An Opportunity

As the representatives of a sector that is well-known for its entrepreneurial spirit, we are working on how to turn this crisis into an opportunity

In the first quarter of 2020, when the effects of coronavirus were not felt yet, our contractors undertook 2-billion- dollar worth of projects abroad. And the 20-billion-dollar project goal is now in uncertainty with the global effects of the pandemic. Current projects that worth roughly 40 billion face additional costs and delays due to the measures taken against the virus.

Türk Eximbank, our close collaborator, needs to implement the instruments for foreign contracting services as soon as possible. We also need Eximbank’s support to improve our market share in Africa. At the same time, since the countries, where we provide the most of our services, are generally oil / natural gas producers and in developing regions, the instability of oil prices also increases uncertainties.

Our Contracting Companies Will Stand Out

With fluctuations in the global economy and uncertainties arising from the political problems in our region as well as the risks of the pandemic, this extraordinary period will not allow any predictions and it is a big problem. In this picture, as the representatives of a sector that is well-known for its entrepreneurial spirit, we are working on how to turn this crisis into an opportunity with various initiatives while continuing our talks to solve our problems. Development moves and infrastructure needs that will

be on the agenda of the normalization process will make our contracting companies stand out, which are known for conducting affordable and quality work in high-risk areas. Thus, our country and sector need to adopt a proactive approach for opportunities after the pandemic is taken under control. When the quarantine measures are started to be lifted, we need to quickly organize on issues such as transportation and give priority to countries such as African countries that need urgent infrastructure investments or where our competitors leave.

Greatly contributing to our economy with its high employment capacity and the added value it creates, our sector needs support to leave its troubles in the country behind as well. Our sector has been contracting in Turkey for the last 1.5 years and felt the destructive effect of the outbreak after the first case had been seen in our country. Our government’s measures such as developing short and flexible working models, postponing SSI premiums and tax payments were important for our sector but found to be deficient as they excluded infrastructure activities. We continue our initiatives to complete these deficiencies as soon as possible. We also request that our time extension and termination requests are evaluated and accepted in line with the new legal regulation, and for the termination requests that are not accepted, a price difference is provided and not delayed.

Vice President of DEİK & President of Turkish Contractors Association    Mithat Yenigün    

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