We Believe That Foundations of The Companies Lie on Their Values

We believe that we represent not only our group but also our country and have our responsibilities in this regard when we work abroad

As Çalık Group, we create solutions that add value to human life in geographies we operate with our skills and energy and make it our mission to contribute to the welfare. We believe that the foundations of the companies lie on their values. In this regard, we carry out our operations in the light of values such as justice, people-orientation, credibility, voluntary working, innovation, agility and sustainability. We give importance to continuous and long-term success. We shape our works and projects by aiming to contribute to social development with an eco-friendly perspective. We believe that it is not possible to be successful in anything that does not add value to human life. We choose companies to work as a partner with this approach and start our path with companies that have the same sensibility. We believe that we represent not only our group but also our country and have our responsibilities in this regard when we work abroad.

We Have Strong Global Presence and Cooperations

As Çalık Group, we aim to develop international projects, offer innovative solutions in our business areas and create world brands. Today we operate in the energy, construction, mining, finance, textile, telecom, and digital fields in 22 countries of the world. We have been providing services abroad since the 1990s. Our company Çalık Energy is active in the fields of EPC power systems, electricity generation and natural gas distribution in large geography covering the Middle East, Middle Asia, Africa and the Balkans.

Our GAP Construction company conducts projects with its experience in areas such as infrastructure, superstructure, industrial facility, hospital and port in Turkey, Middle Asia, Gulf Countries and Africa. Our Çalık Denim company develops game-changing products by combining denim fabric with innovation and provides services to more than 250 brands with more than 400 customers worldwide. Our GAP Marketing company offers its products to the leading retailer brands of the world by its supply network in Middle and East Asia.

Our group also operates in the mining field.  Our Lidya Mining company was established to search and process precious metals, especially gold and copper, and made its aim to be the leading mining company in Eurasia. We also target West Africa as a priority region. Additionally, our Çalık Petrol company, conducting oil and natural gas search and production activities, plan to produce petrol 5 mbbls/d in the upcoming 5 years and 10 mbbls/d in 10 years with technical teams who know Turkey, the Middle East and the Turkic Republics.

Our representative in the finance sector, Aktif Bank turned its route to Africa. Turkish businesspeople are able to work more comfortably in the continent thanks to our agents in Africa’s 43 countries. Our association UPT, which operates in the international money transfer market, also completed its establishment in Lithuania as a part of our strategy of creating a global brand, and it applied to get Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence to offer payment and money transfer service in all EU countries. 

In addition to these companies, we operate in Albania with our companies ALBtelecom (Telecom) and BKT (Finance) and also in Kosovo with our KEDS (Energy) company with the partnership of Çalık Holding and Limak Holding.

Digitalisation is the Focus of Our New Investments

As a group, we believe that it is important to closely follow technology and create new business models. Consequently, our company Çalık Digital works to determine a road map in the transition period of critical sectors such as health, energy, production and public services and develops innovative and competitive products, labour and services.

SECOM, which we collaborated through Aktif Bank in 2019, is one of the leaders of integrated safety providers having the advanced technology and specialisation of Japan. Together with this partnership, our company Secom Aktif continues to offer security and life technology to individuals and corporate users.

We Know That Future Will Be Built From Today

“Sustainability” has been one of the most important corporate values since our establishment. We know that building the future is possible with comprehensive strategies we will create, the road maps we will draw, and measures we will take today.

As Çalık Group, we aim to perform works that will be a pioneer for society and business and to support this transition in the most efficient way with our activities in this technologic transformation era.  We will continue to change and renew ourselves for sustainable success. Our goal in 2020 will also be to keep and develop our profitability with our sustainable business models.

Member of DEIK Board of Directors & Chairman of Çalık Holding Ahmet Çalık

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