We Have to Benefit from Business Potential with Portugal

In my opinion, we can create more powerful tourism passage between Turkey and Portugal

Portugal is an important economic partner for Turkey with the wide hinterland that it owns. When viewed from this aspect, there is potential between Turkey and Portugal more than already existing 1.7 billion dollars of trade volume. With the Turkey-Portugal JETCO meeting held in 2018, the goal of raising the trade volume between the two countries to 5 billion dollars was set at the first stage. In line with this goal, as Turkey-Portugal Business Council we are conducting high-level contact and cooperation works that specific to the prominent sectors of both countries. For example, in 2017, with the “Inno­vation Bridges from Lisbon to Istanbul” meeting it is provided for Turkish entrepreneurs to benefit from Portugal which is selected as the “European Initiative Region” on opening offices in Europe and investing. Considering the fact that both Turkey and Portugal are touristic paradises, I think that a stronger tourism passage can be created between the two countries and the Turkish constructors can play a pioneering role in Portugal’s infrastructure and tourism investments.

Also, the joint experiences in agriculture and mining sectors can be moved forward with the cooperation to be made. Portugal provides its 95 percent electricity need from renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, and hydroelectricity and offers serious investment and partnership opportunities for Turkey in these areas. It is aimed to attract foreign investment to the country by giving residency permit and citizenship in exchange for real estate purchase and investment such as Golden Residence Permit in the last period. Along with the mentioned items, I see the benefit to attract attention that there are many cooperation opportunities with third countries for Turkey and Portugal.

Turkey – Portugal Business Council Chairman

Berna Gözbaşı

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