The cornerstone of our cooperation with Africa is projects that support local economies, create jobs, and target sustainable development

Our trade relations with the African continent, with which we have historical and cultural ties, have gained rapid momentum thanks to the policies we have pursued in recent years. We managed to increase our trade volume with African countries from 5.4 billion dollars in 2003 to 41 billion dollars in 2022.

While our country’s investments in African countries have reached 10 billion dollars, Turkish contracting companies have successfully completed infrastructure and superstructure investments worth 85.4 billion dollars by completing 1,864 projects in the African continent so far. Turkish companies from many sectors ranging from energy, construction, agriculture, white goods, food, health, education, and infrastructure continue to play an active role on the African continent. We are happy to support the development of this magical continent, but what motivates us the most is the sympathy of Africans towards Turkish companies, which differentiates them from other countries. Because we act with the principle of “win-win” in Africa.

As Miller Holding, we are the Turkish company with the largest business volume in Central and West Africa. We are moving forward with our ‘adding value’ approach in the African continent, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). African business people have a warm relationship with us. They say, ‘When we come to Türkiye, we feel at home’. We feel the same way. They cannot achieve the exact synergy with companies from other countries because our goal in this continent, which has the richest resources in the world, is not a one-sided benefit like our competitors.

The continent’s resources have been a source of income for developed countries since the 16th century. Africans highly appreciate the attitude of Turkish companies, which is a win-win for everyone and also looks after the interests of the local people. If Africans, and not others, keep this wealth, much more can be done on the continent. Chinese companies are the strongest competitors of Turkish companies in Africa. These companies are spread across the continent, especially in mining and energy. On the other hand, the Chinese are still very strong in the contracting sector, even though they have had problems with the governments of many countries on the continent. The most important reason for this is, of course, the financial power of the Chinese.

However, with the triple synergy of cooperation with global companies and good relations with local stakeholders, it is possible to get ahead of the competition with the Chinese. Sustainable investments in Africa can create very different opportunities for the Turkish business world with the right cooperation and locally beneficial businesses. With its valuable mineral reserves, vast agricultural lands, and much-needed infrastructure investments, Africa is a market that will grow every year for the Turkish business world.