The national space program ensures that our country’s efforts in space policies are executed with a coordinated and holistic approach

We are pleased to have hosted the DEİK Business Councils Ordinary Elective General Assemblies for 2023 and the Business Diplomacy Award Ceremony in Istanbul on January 20, 2024, with the attendance of our Minister of Trade, Prof. Dr Ömer Bolat, and a high level of participation.

During our Ordinary Elective General Assemblies, the Chairpersons and Executive Boards of the Business Councils for the 2023-2025 working period were determined, encompassing our 151 Business Councils operating under DEİK. In our elections, held with a 75 percent participation rate, the new Chairpersons assumed leadership in a total of 70 Business Councils, with 46 of them being first-time Business Council Chairpersons.

With our 152 Business Councils (comprising 144 country-based, 6 sectoral, and 2 special purpose councils), 98 Founding Institutions, and over 4,600 bolster Türkiye’s ambition to emerge as a more prominent participant in space activities, underscoring its dedication to advancing capabilities in space sciences and technologies.

Alper Gezeravcı, the first Turkish astronaut to collaborate on conducting experiments aboard the International Space Station (ISS) as part of a team, has recently made our nation proud by returning home with notable achievements and records. With the dedicated efforts of institutions such as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Turkish Space Agency, and TÜBİTAK, I am hopeful that we will continue to make significant strides in our space exploration endeavours. In this edition of our Business Diplomacy journal, focusing on Türkiye’s space mission in depth, Ayşegül İldeniz, Global Technology Leader and Business Manager, has graciously shared her insights on Türkiye’s space activities. In our featured article, Atty. Çağhan Tansel delves into the intricacies of the forthcoming legal regulations pertaining to crypto assets.

Our journal covers a diverse array of topics, including the Iraq Development Road Project, the impacts of recent geopolitical developments in the Red Sea on global trade, the significance of deep technology and entrepreneurship in Türkiye, and China’s technological advancements.

Enjoy your reading.