We Carry Out Great Investment Projects in Türkiye and Afrika

As Tosyalı Holding, we maintain great investment projects in Türkiye and Africa. Such investments are closely followed in the international market due to their size and since they serve as one of the first and best examples of the Green Transformation in the global steel industry.

Located in the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone of Iskenderun and being considered the largest ongoing industrial investment in Türkiye, Sarıseki project is the first of our investments. The investment that we plan to commission next year through which we will focus on high-quality steel production is worth approximately $2.5 billion. In line with our sustainability strategy, we will start utilizing Quantum Furnace technology that will make a significant contribution to energy efficiency in this facility for the first time in Türkiye. The production method used here will allow us to consume 20% less energy than normal arc furnaces and reduce carbon emissions arising from fossil fuels. Maintaining its activities through two ports, our facility will contribute to our country’s annual import substitution of approximately $4 billion through its production. I do believe that this facility is going to stand out as one of the best examples in our country in terms of Industry 4.0 applications.

Another project we have is our last stage investment in Algeria. We plan to complete our DRI and flat steel investment here by 2024. Being capable of operating on 100% hydrogen, this investment will be one of the first examples of hydrogen conversion around the world. We are also proud to be the first Turkish company to invest in hydrogen production in our sector.

Apart from these two major investment projects, our mining investments in Angola also keep on track without no interruption whatsoever.

CEO of Tosyalı Holding

Dr. Suhat Korkmaz

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