Betfair Betting Exchange in ESports

Sports betting with betfair is different to sports betting with bookmaker firms. Betfair is a betting exchange. You don’t have to bet at the odds set by a bookmaker, and you aren’t betting against the site owners, but against other punters like you. A betting exchange allows you to set your own odds, or accept the odds layed by other punters. With a betting exchange, you can lay bets and be the bookie, or accept bets layed by others and be the punter.

Betting exchanges allow you to bet against other punters while the event occurs, this adds an incredible amount of excitement to an event as the odds on the outcome are changing all the time.

Betfair is one of, if not the largest betting exchanges on the web.

Betting exchanges offer several advantages over traditional sports betting bookmakers.

  • You can lay your own odds and be the bookie.
  • Odds generally are better with a betting exchange, betfair prices are generally 20% better than with a bookie.
  • Betting exchange sites such as betfair just charge a commission on winning bets.
  • You bet on an event as it happens, to add even more excitement.

Although betfair offer American football and Australian rules football, it has to be said that betfair caters best for the UK sports betting market, with UK football and European football being particularly well covered. In fact sports betting markets exists for most of the European leagues. All major football events such as the Champions league and UEFA Cup are covered.

To add more interest to many of the one sided football matches, the betfair betting exchange run Asian Handicaps for many events, where one side can be given a handicap.

Betfair also operate line betting and range betting.

As well as football the betfair betting exchange also have markets for most other sports events including horse racing, esports (dota and csgo betting), cricket, rugby, greyhound racing, tennis, hockey, basketball, boxing, cricket, darts, the financial markets etc.

“If you have never tried a betting exchange before, then betfair has to be one of, if not the best” – said Anthony, content writer from CS:GO bettings review website. And with so many people betting at betfair there are always good odds to be picked up, plus, should you prefer to be the bookie and lay a bet, there is a better chance of the bet being taken than with other less popular sports betting exchanges.

You don’t have to join before checking out the odds available, so you are able to compare the odds on offer for an event with those on offer on other sites before signing up.

World cup betting will feature big at betfair. Live betting on world cup football games will add incredible excitement to what is the major football competition. Not only that, but at Betfair you will be getting odds around 20% better then you would for the same event and outcome at an online bookies.

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