Y. Furkan Akbal, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fuzul Ventures, a dynamic subsidiary of Fuzul Holding, recently articulated a series of statements outlining the company’s operational ethos and its significant contributions to the Turkish economy

Furkan Akbal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fuzul Ventures, emphasizing their focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, stated, “At Fuzul Ventures, we both collaborate with and unite our efforts with start-ups. Also, we strive to offer them strategic guidance by providing access to know-how, experience, networks, and capital support. Our approach to the start-up ecosystem extends beyond seeking financial returns. Simultaneously, we are forging strategic partnerships to enhance the dynamism of our group of companies with new and innovative solutions. Moreover, we aim to foster the creation of new value for the national economy through the support we extend to start-ups.

Highlighting their interest in investing in initiatives within the fields of fintech, proptech, and martech, Akbal stated, “We empower start-ups to translate their theoretical capabilities into practical applications in the real market. Concurrently, we address our own needs by procuring services from these initiatives. We undertake these endeavors with the goal of enhancing our efficiency, streamlining our processes, and enriching the customer experience.”

Expressing their view of supporting entrepreneurship as a form of social responsibility, Akbal remarked, “We believe that each entrepreneur is immensely valuable for Türkiye. At Fuzul Ventures, we take great joy and pride in our support of start-ups.”