Historical Ties Bring Investment Advantage

The Turkic States have become a very significant market for Turkish engineering and consultancy firms in recent years as Turkish companies undertake very significant projects in this region, as well as African, Gulf, and Balkan countries, and demonstrate the quality of Turkish architecture and engineering in the region. This process benefits both by Turkish companies proving their competence in international projects and the Turkic States starting critical infrastructure and superstructure investments using their own funds as well as the support of international funds such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and Islamic Development Bank. Certain countries, especially Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, desire to implement many projects via the Public-Private Partnership method, in which Türkiye has gained significant experience. Currently, many Turkish companies such as TAV, YDA, Rönesans, etc., in Kazakhstan have started their investments via this financial method in the health and transportation sectors, while other countries have completed their legal infrastructures and initiated the project development process.

With their young populations and economies that have grown thanks to their rich underground resources, the Turkic States are a market of approximately 80 million and have become a priority region for Turkish companies both in the manufacturing industry and in the field of construction. In order to address the internal potential and the region, outstanding Turkish companies started to open production facilities in Turkic States as well as in Türkiye.

As DEİK International Technical Consultancy Business Council, we have made visits to Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan in recent years, despite the pandemic conditions, and we have reached an agreement on the inclusion of Turkish technical consultancy companies in their new investments by meeting with the officials of the state agencies. At the same time, we pay attention to developing and maintaining our relations with all Turkic States through numerous online organizations under the roof of DEİK. We currently have ongoing business with our council members in all countries and we maintain our activities as we increase the number of our projects.

As NKY Architects & Engineers, we have been involved in the management and design of significant projects in our country and many counties around the world for 30 years. Currently, with over 1000 architects and engineers, NKY demonstrates the quality and power of Turkish architecture and engineering in significant projects of government agencies, prestigious employers such as the World Bank and the European Development Bank in 8 countries. With its young yet experienced staff, NKY Architects & Engineers has been in the top 100 in the ENR Top 225 International Design Firms list for the last 5 years and also strengthened its position in the sector as the Technical Consultancy Sector champion of the Service Exporters’ Association and it currently maintains its activities with the enthusiasm of achieving more significant successes in new markets and different projects, especially in the Gulf and the Turkic States. We are currently involved in hospital and airport investments in Kazakhstan as both a designer and technical consultant and we are also about to finish the campus designs of the most prestigious university in Uzbekistan, as well as technically supporting the country in creating strategies for the modernization of the construction sector. Kyrgyzstan has become the new focus of NKY in the region with its recently developing economy, its desire for new investments and its virgin lands. Azerbaijan, on the other hand, stands out as a favourite investment location for a long time thanks to the friendly relations of all Turkish companies and geographical proximity. NKY has recently been negotiating for the new investments that our brother country has planned, especially for the development of the Karabakh region.

I believe that the Turkic States market, where we are confident that we can make use of investment opportunities more advantageous manner than many countries thanks to our historical ties, cultural proximity and language advantage, is a very significant opportunity for all our companies, and I urge all our companies to invest in this region.

Tolga Şahin / NKY Architects & Engineers Overseas Director

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