Little Picasso: “Mikail Akar”

The story of Mikail began when his parents gifted him a canvas and acrylic paints on his fourth birthday. He painted his first painting that day after blowing out the candles on his cake. When his father came home and saw the picture, he assumed that it was his wife Elvan Akar, who made the painting. Yet, when he heard the truth, he immediately took a photo of the painting and posted it on his social media accounts.

As Mikail’s work gathered thousands of likes on the internet one day later, his parents presented him with the second canvas as a gift. A few days later, Mikail painted another painting. The father Kerem Akar once again shared his son’s work on the internet and then, Mikail managed to attract the attention of the art community this time. This is how the little painter received his first exhibition offer.

For Business Diplomacy readers, we held an interview with Mikail Akar, who made his name known to the whole world with his talent and whose works were sold for millions of dollars.

1- In Germany, you are known as “Little Picasso”. This is so flattering as despite your young age you are making professional paintings. When did you first discover your talent for painting?

I started painting at the age of 4 when my parents bought me a small canvas and finger hand paints for children on my 4th birthday. Because I loved to paint. I was very happy when I saw that gift. Maybe if it was a toy car or a different toy, I wouldn’t be so happy.

2- How does it feel to paint and gain a world-renowned reputation for your work? Based on this, what do you say to the kids who are passionate about painting and their families?

Yes, my pictures travel the world. Of course, this makes me very happy. In Europe, Asia, and now in America… Believe me, I feel really proud. At first, I made countries love me. (laughs) Then they fell in love with the paintings I made.

I want to call out to the parents. Please let your kids paint the picture they dream of, make music, dance, and do sports. The more you support and trust them, the happier they will be in the future as an individual.

3- You have opened many exhibitions with your works so far. This is so nice but it must be exhausting. Meanwhile, your school continues as well. How is school going by the way?

Everything has a difficult side, but the beautiful thing is, that I love challenges. The success that comes after shows that I did not work in vain and that I am on the right track. My school life goes very successful and I love going to school. I always organize my exhibitions in line with school holidays. Thus, I do not neglect myself and my lessons.

4- You opened your first exhibition in Türkiye under the name “Colorful Istanbul” last February. How did the people react to the exhibition in Türkiye? How did it feel to be here?

All my exhibitions are exciting for me, but being in Türkiye, in Istanbul, meeting and chatting with my fans who came to the exhibition about the painting made me even more excited. I can say that Istanbul has a different place in my heart.

5- I would like to ask you a question too, you are Mikail’s mother. Mikail is talented and now a famous painter. As a Turkish family, we are proud to hear your name in many countries, especially in Germany. How did you feel when you first discovered his painting talent? What would you like to say to the families here?

Mikail Akar is now a well-known famous painter in Europe. Even though he is only 9 years old, he expresses himself very well. We always supported Mikail when he started painting. We let Mikail do what he wants. We did not have any obsessions because the table or the sofa got covered with paint. Things can be bought, but it is very important for a child to have a healthy hobby and to support it.  I would like to say to mothers and fathers, do not control your kids. Try to support their feelings. I hope all children have the opportunity to do what they want.

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