Morocco Awaits the Turkish Investors

We develop a “win-win” relationship by making attractive suggestions on the products that Morocco can serve to our country

Morocco is one the top five economies in Africa, with a gross domestic product of $ 120 billion. Turkey-Morocco international trade volume has shown a steady increase since 2006 when Free Trade Agreement entered into force. Moreover, our contracting companies have been doing business of approximately 4.1 billion dollars so far and our direct investments are around 1.5 billion. Due to the fact that their budgetary deficit and current account deficit are a serious source of worry, the expectation of Morocco, which attaches a great importance to the direct foreign investments, is that Turkey increases the investments in Morocco.

With the growth of the bilateral foreign trade volume, the deficit, which is in favor of us, as in the textile sector, may lead Morocco to some protective measures. In the upcoming period, while we are increasing our exports to Morocco, making attractive suggestions on the products that Morocco can sell to our country and making investments in certain areas by highlighting our investor identification will enable us to develop the business potential between the two countries on the basis of “win-win” principle. Morocco, which has a long distance to cover in terms of industrialization and development of services, is appropriate for investment in almost all sectors. Especially the sectors of automotive, building materials, furniture, iron and steel, textile, food, household goods, tourism, health, logistics and banking stand out at this point.

Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Morocco Ahmet Aydın Doğan

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